Monday, September 22, 2014


Icheoku says first of all "NORTH" is not the entire Nigeria? Second of all which "NORTH" is Atiku referring to? Is it the Hausa/Fulani "NORTH" that has been killing and maiming the other "NORTH?" Is it the Northwestern "NORTH" that has been appropriating everything allocated to the North? Is it the Northeastern "NORTH" that Boko Haram has ravaged and rendered "NORTHLESS?" Certainly the Middle Belt "NORTH" does not agree with Atikku that there is one single cohesive "NORTH" in existence; and has since for the records disassociated themselves from the Atiku's hegemonic NORTH. There is also ACF's NORTH and NEF's NORTH. So would Abubakar Atiku please tell Icheoku and other Nigerians who cares to listen to his bullcrap which "NORTH" will not vote for PDP? In the mean time, Icheoku asks Atiku when is he going to take up the Baba's challenge and visit America where FBI's red carpet reception awaits him to join the banquet of William Jefferson. 

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