Friday, October 10, 2014


Culled from Punch Newspapers:- 
There are strong indications that former President Olusegun Obasanjo may have warned the All Progressives Congress not to field former Vice-President Abubakar Atiku as its flagbearer in the 2015 elections. Obasanjo, during a recent visit by the APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to his residence in Abeokuta, was said to have warned the opposition party against fielding an “unclean vessel” as its presidential candidate in 2015.

An impeccable source, who was at the meeting but did not want his name mentioned, told Saturday PUNCH that last week’s visit by Tinubu to Obasanjo was meant to remind the former President of the need to support the APC to realise its ambition of winning next year’s presidential election. The source said, “Chief Obasanjo appreciated Tinubu’s visit to his home, but specifically warned the APC to shut its door against “unclean vessel.” 

“Chief Obasanjo reiterated his refusal to join the APC when Tinubu visited him in his Abeokuta residence, but warned the party to beware of Atiku. “The former President appreciated the move by the APC to find out what he knew about two of the APC aspirants seeking the party’s presidential ticket. He was happy that the party consulted him over whom to pick as its presidential candidate. The former President gave detailed information on the APC presidential aspirants to Tinubu.”

Tinubu had told journalists that he had discussion with Obasanjo on “some of his former boys” who would vie for elective positions in the 2015 general elections, especially the Presidency. He had said, “We are here to pay homage to our former President and discuss with him because he has a number of influences in the political sphere.“We need to talk to find out his thinking about Nigeria and the future. We need to seek his observation on some of his former boys who are running for Presidency in our party.” 

Icheoku says Baba Iyabo known for his unforgiveness has never forgiven Abubakar Atiku and will do whatever it takes to register his displeasure against the Adamawa Turaki. In other words, Baba still "dry laugh" at the dream that is Atiku seeking the presidency and Icheoku joins Baba in this laughter! Atiku, Icheoku says visit America today and exonerate yourself from the corruption sword of Damocles dangling on your freedom and liberty.

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  1. Obj, I don’t think you have the interest of this NATION at heart with your choice of president, You gave us Yar’ udua a good man but was not health and he dead because of the stress that comes with the job, May his soul R.I.P. and you anointed Goodluck who even by your own judgement was a great mistake and now you are joggling between Lamido who is using his kids to loot his state’s funds and Tambuwal who is confused as TO what he really wants which are becoming Sokoto governor or Nigeria president.
    Obj we are seeing you for who you are and how well you think of this great nation Nigeria.

    Atiku is our choice for 2015 we don't need your advice BIKO!